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Crowns are used in pediatric dentistry to restore badly decayed or broken teeth.  Several types of crowns are available depending on how severe the tooth loss is and which tooth is involved.  Tooth colored crowns are used to protect the front teeth to maintain a natural looking smile.  Stainless steel crowns are used on back teeth or molars to withstand the strong biting pressures created with chewing. 

Tooth colored crowns and stainless steel crowns are strong and difficult to pull off, yet we strongly recommend children avoid sticky and chewy candy like caramel, and taffy.  Hard candy like suckers can crack or chip the white coating on front teeth and should also be avoided. 

Crowns will protect the baby teeth until they fall out naturally.  Eventually, the permanent tooth will push out the crowned baby tooth just like a regular baby tooth.  If you notice a permanent tooth growing in and the baby tooth is still present, please call our office as soon as possible to have it evaluated.


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